High-Purity Antimony Oxide Masterbatches

High-Purity Flame Retardant Masterbatches

Carriers: PA6,PBT,PP,PE,ABS,EVA,etc.


Antimony oxide is a fine white powder, produced from the oxidation of antimony metal. It is used as a synergist with halogenated, predominately brominated, organic molecules to impart flame retardant properties to polymers. Halogenated compounds are inherently flame retardant and by themselves are capable of flame retarding polymers.

The use of antimony oxide decreases the amount of halogenated compound required for flame retardant performance. During fire, antimony oxide reacts with the halogenated material in the condensed phase, forming oxyhalides of antimony and antimony trihalide. As these moieties enter the gas phase, they act to quench radicals responsible for the propagation of the combustion process. Masterbatches is the ideal way to incorporate antimony oxide into flame retardant formulations.


  • Improved  Properties – Good dispersion is the key to maximum performance from flame-retardant additives. The flame retardant ingredients in our masterbatches are pre-dispersed and thoroughly mixed with the carrier resin. This results in improved flame retardancy and physical properties.  In many cases, this results in lower loadings when compared to free powders.

  • Cleaner – Improved Material Handling – Using masterbatches rather than dry powders means a cleaner plant with minimal housekeeping      effort. Dust exposure is greatly reduced with masterbatches, as material handling  is simplified with free- flowing, non-bridging materials that can be transferred easily with pneumatic conveyors.

  • More Efficient Production – Masterbatches increase efficiency through higher production rates, less power consumption, higher yields and less abrasion and equipment wear.

  • Safer – Using our Flame Retardant Masterbatches eliminates employee exposure hazards associated with some powders and liquids. Your employees can focus on your end product.


Example Reference: Nylon Flame Retardant Masterbatch Standard (80% ATO + 20% PA6)



For other masterbatch carriers like PP, PBT, PE, ABS, EVA, etc., please contact us for further details.

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