New Year's market


The market price of antimony products is stable this week. As the new year's day has passed and the Spring Festival is approaching, the replenishment behavior of some downstream and middlemen is gradually weakened, which makes the trading volume between the buyer and the seller this week colder than that in the earlier period, and the market trading volume is also reduced compared with that in the earlier period. Some sellers have no choice but to sell goods and collect funds towards the end of the year, so the enthusiasm for shipment is still high.

In terms of raw materials, the trading situation of antimony mine has not changed much, and the mine as a whole has shutdown and maintenance plans or is in progress, which affects the normal trading; however, as entering a new fiscal year, many buyers have begun to prepare for the purchase of raw materials in the new year, and many manufacturers have begun to enter the preparation and negotiation stage of purchasing raw materials. At present, the price of antimony mine is stable as a whole. In the early stage, the hot gossip said that tens of thousands of tons of foreign mines will gradually arrive enter the domestic market. At present, there is no sign of arrival, so we need to continue to observe.

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